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Perfect game when you're bored and need something random to play. It's very fun navigating around in a specific way that lets you pass, and I enjoyed it a lot. The game introduces it's mechanics in a fair, but still very nice way. Epic!

very nice game

Amazing game, great feel to the movment buuuuut they player is kinda slow... 

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is there a place I can get the soundtrack?

Edit: nvm, found the readme, is there a list of songs used? Great music choice! the music for each stage fit perfectly, especially the last two. The whole concept of the game is pretty cool as well, I hope you elaborate on it!

You know you had a good time with a game when it ends and you wished there were another two or three levels to play through. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the more nuanced mechanical depth going on here, and really enjoyed the way you used music as a physical presence in the world.  Definitely recommend others to check this out!

Best ending

Really fun, played it alongside my brother and had a good time






A very enjoyable game! I didn't get too far into yet, but I will come back and try again.

One mistake I made: I saw the door with "Erase Save", and I assumed that was two separate choices: "Erase" and "Save". In hindsight, it's clear now that it wasn't, but I did end up losing my progress, because I saw a door with "Save" and thought I had to explicitly save my state. If the wording can't be changed (perhap "Start Over" or "Reset Levels" or something) then at least some sort of warning to confirm that all will be lost would be handy.

Great job!


Awesome game and interesting way of increasing the difficulty curve! Had lots of fun playing it and may have pulled out my hair a few times :P


P.S. - Apologies for the low FPS. My recorder acted up during gameplay. The game itself was pretty smooth.

Boy oh boy, I am so happy I didn't rage hard over this game. There were some things that I was like, oh lord. But man this game shows how powerful the unity engine can be, even personal edition. Also can you tell us what kind of drink is that in the end? Some say it's coffee while others say its Green tea. I would love to know! :P

The personal edition of unity just means they didn't pay. There's no difference in features the engine.

yea I know, its just that many people have a certain mindset when it comes down to the personal edition. Mainly because of steam greenlight allowing any games on. I personally use the personal edition since unity is such a powerful engine. 

Had a bunch of fun with this game. Well made!

Have some comments about it at the end ;)

Gave it a go...

Neat little experience. I like that you were able to add new elements in each level instead of padding them out over a longer game. It felt like just enough content by the time I was done. The music audio sources were a little weird. I think they must've been set as 3D audio sources which led to the strange effect. I was also curious as to the monsters/things out to get you. Even a little snippet of text at the start would help set the stage pretty well. I recorded my short time with it if you're interested to see. Nice work and keep it up!

Pretty good, but I have some criticisms. First of all: please don't make the camera jerk eyerytime you jump! I don't know if there is a way you can add something to the options menu to turn it off, but that makes jumping so unpleasent in this game. Other than that, it's a little weird that you have a game about dodging, but the two usable items in the game are to let you not dodge. I would prefer it if the game didn't have them, because then it could be designed more around the idea of just dodging, but I understand their neccesity as a way to make the game easier for players who are struggling. The aesthetic felt a little incoherent, but overall I think it worked.

Made a video

This game was super fun! The levels were rally well designed and the perfect challenge, great work :D

Hi there! Fun game, nice clean graphics and interesting atmosphere. I featured it on this Let's Play video: 

Super awesome game! My biggest thing was the music was absolutely amazing, and I loved how it intensified and changed as you gut closer to the end! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

I enjoyed this game. I had fun playing it and I hope you release some more levels.
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Fun little game, personally had to disable motion blur and found the camera motions on the jump a little too jerky, but otherwise the experience is very tight and fluid, so great for those who enjoy runners like Refunct etc.

Did notice that diagonal movement is faster, as the game seems to just sum your left/right and forward/back vectors, and doesn't normalise to only give a different direction at the max speed. Means you can do peripheral vision runs for improved time, but increased difficulty (though the enemies don't track you properly, so just running straight past them is easier), so incidental bug-feature?

I noticed that on level 6 i can diagonally move for extra speed and jump off the starting ledge to hit the blue teleporter out in the sky, skipping half that level. It can be finished that way in ~15 seconds.

13 Gates is a delightful little game, combining all the best game mechanics from an assortment of different genres, such as platformers, puzzle games, first-person-shooters, and exploration games. What makes it stand apart from the crowd though, is that 13 Gates benefits from taking only the best ideas from these diverse genres and leaving out the frustrating aspects of their core gameplay mechanics and design. The art design, level design, gameplay, sound design, and visuals are all top notch for a game made by only one developer. It can be highly relaxing and soothing, while also pleasantly, but not irritatingly, challenging. It also offers relatively high replay value for gamers who have a competitive streak and love to break records thanks to its integrated map completion timer system. I highly recommend this little gem for PC! :)


This is awesome and also way too much effort for a lil cup of tea ^^

I'll be honest, when I first started this, I didn't think much of it. You had a projectile which... I suppose at first glace, it doesn't make much sense what it does to enemies that you can easily dodge. It wasn't until maybe half way through the levels that the difficulty started to ramp up a bit and I started to enjoy the game. I feel if you gave an idea like this and like fleshed and polished it out a bit, it really wouldn't be that bad of a game


If anyone wants to see how this game plays in small window mode on a crappy computer, check out my video, haha...oh man. Fun little game with cool creatures though. Would love to see the weapons and monsters integrated

into a full game though.


Just want to say this was a fantastic game, and I had a great time playing it.  I would love to see more levels and more content for this game!!!


I so love this game. Reminded me a bit of "Lovely Planet" and "Clustertruck".

I have 2 points of criticism, tho:
1. To be honest, I expected the difficulty to spike at arround room 6, exept of the last 2 levels it was way to easy.
2. the music is placed inside the room somewere instead of being "inside the players head", right? This was quiet disorienting in a couple of levels and sounded really sh*tty. (which is so sad, because the choice of music was just perfect!)

Would pay ~15-20$ for a more fleshed out game with more and harder levels. This was way to short.

Any chance, you could add a .txt with direct links to all the music tracks? I searched on the soundcloud links given in the readme but haven't found all of them. But I waaaant them badly, because as I said: great choice of music!!

    When time has come.mp3

Let me know if I forgot anything.

Thank you very much! I needed this Soundtrack in my life <3


Brilliant stuff! Well done :) The movement felt very good and I really liked the overall aesthetic of the game.


This game is fantastic!

The only critique I have is the jump animation is super nauseating but besides that, great work!


That was neat! I would recommend putting a quick and dirty tutorial in the game. I only glanced at this page before downloading, so I didn't know you could switch between items. But hey, I got through the game without it


So I recorded a video of this, messed up the footage, and decided to try again thinking I'd be able to speed through it. Turns out I did not get any better and my second run was almost exactly as fast as my first, but still. Also, this game has my favorite ending.


Thanks! It took me a while to figure out a way to have a satisfying ending to a game with no real story.


bro the last one is hard it fuckes me over every time argggggh


Hiya! I played your game and decided to make a gameplay video on it. My video doesn't give homage to the great game you've made. Thank you for making this!


Thanks for playing!

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No, thank you for making a free game! ( and welcomes )


Great game! I really appreciate the in-game timer. In fact I liked it so much it made me want to do this: 

With that said, any possibility of having a full-game timer in the future? :)

Nice!  I think I could add a full-game timer.  It might be a little while before I get a chance to add it though.

This game is cool. So sad there is no implementation of key assignment (for azerty keyboards) and so much lag.

Cool and pleasant game however !


I'm glad you like the game!  There is no in-game key assignment, but did you try the key assignment menu in the game launcher under the "Input" tab?


Sorry, i forgot to tell my OS. I have this problem on  the linux version.

I don't know why, but on most games, the launcher shows up, but there, noting. I can always loadkeys my linux, but it's kinda annoying (especially when I'll leave the game, I'll forget to change again :facepalm: )

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This was absolutely fantastic. I struggled to find any criticisms.


I'm glad you like the game so much!  To answer a few of the questions you had in the video, I am a solo developer and I made this in my free time.  I didn't make the music, it's all public domain. (Music credits are in the hub and in the included readme.)  It took forever to find stuff that fit the tone I was going for.  You are correct that there's no real story.  I didn't really come up with anything that I thought would add to the game rather than detract from it.  You might enjoy my other first person game Lost in the Red Forest which is about navigating a confusing environment while piecing together an implied story.   I was never really satisfied with the way the jump felt, but it seemed to work well enough and eventually you just have to release your game or you just tune it forever. :)

When I start the game the camera just rotates around, I can still move but the camera just keeps rotating making it impossible to play.

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Thanks for letting me know about this!  Does it do this every time you start the game or does it do this randomly?  Also, was this linux, mac, or windows?

I've had the same problem. It appears to have something to do with a controller being plugged in. I have a PS4 controller and emulate it with Steam, and a lot of unity games seem to have this problem.


That's good to know.  Thanks!  Hopefully I'll be able to find a fix for it.