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Explore a small, relaxing, natural area at various times of the day and take pictures of bigfoot.


Default Controls (Can be changed in options menu):

Walk: WASD

Look: Mouse

Take Snapshot: Left Click

Items Menu: Right Click

Main Menu: Esc


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linux_bigfoot.zip 50 MB
osx_bigfoot.exe.zip 51 MB
windows32_bigfoot.zip 48 MB
windows64_bigfoot.zip 49 MB


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Nice game! I enjoyed the UFOs. I got some pretty good shots of bigfoot :)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

A nice short game that is a walking simulator. I would even say too short. The game has a Bigfoot, the ability to change the time of day, and an annoying UFO(Annoying for the reason that in 10 minutes of walking I met him 5-6 times). Of the shortcomings in addition to UFOs, I would note the absence of any music, without it everything is somehow quite dreary

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can you add like animals and a village with people and some quests please?btw the game still amazing

Is this an open-world game?

The game is made of a small set of interconnected areas.  It's open in the sense that you can explore the areas as you see fit, but it's not a big open map like Breath of the Wild.

Very nice! I especially liked that it took a while to find Bigfoot. The sounds of rustling plants and rushing water were also nice touches. The stars at night looked a bit fake, but I did like how the clouds actually moved across the sky instead of just staying still.

Thanks!  I'm glad you like it.  I originally had a low-res photo of the night sky, but I thought the simpler sky looked a little better.